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Swarmhunter grows mushrooms naturally outdoors; as such they are available only seasonally, when the weather cooperates. Spring and fall are the primary seasons.  


Please contact Chris to check for availability and to arrange for purchase.

Shii-take Mushrooms


Shiitake mushrooms grow on the decaying wood of deciduous trees. Native to East Asia, Shii-takes are both healthy and delicious.


The best flavor comes from mushrooms grown outside. Many of our customers say that our Shii-take mushrooms are the most beautiful and delicious they have ever eaten.


Some of our favorite ways to cook Shii-take mushrooms are:

  • Sauteed and made into omelets, fritattas, and quiches

  • Stir-fry with other vegetables on rice or pasta

  • Mushroom and spinach, eggplant, or meat lasagna

  • Creamy mushroom soup 

Nameko Mushrooms


Nameko mushrooms are sometimes called butterscotch mushrooms because of their caramel coloring. Nameko mushrooms grow in dense clusters on hardwood logs. They have a gelatinous coating which makes them an excellent choice for soups and gravies. 


Not a mushroom that you often see for sale, Namekos has an earthy, nutty flavor that also does well in stir-fries and sautees. 


A Japanese native, they are excellent in miso soup.  Our favorite recipe is a rich vegetarian mushroom gravy for Thanksgiving, made with a medley of Nameko and Shii-take mushrooms. 


Photo credit:  Hillbourne. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Reishi Mushrooms


Also known as the Lingzhi mushroom, the Reishi is a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine. 


The mushroom is very dense and hard. It is pulverized and then made into a hot tea. The tea should simmer for a few hours to extract all of the medicinal properties. The resulting tonic is very bitter. Add honey. 


A Cochrane Systematic Review of Reishi mushrooms for cancer treatment recommended that Reishi "could be administered as an alternative adjunct to conventional treatment in consideration of its potential of enhancing tumour response and stimulating host immunity." More information on Reishi as a cancer treatment is available at:


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