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Other honey bee & beekeeping services

Hosting a bee hive


Do you want to support honey bees and have a bee hive, but aren't ready to become a beekeeper yourself? 


After relocating a colony from a structure to a hive of its own, the bees often need a bit of space and time to re-organize and get settled, not in close proximity to other bee hives. 


If you are inteested in hosting a hive, we can assess your location to see if it would be convenient for the beekeeper and healthy and happy for the bees. 




Bees and beekeeping are endlessly fascinating, and thus, fun to talk to folks about. 


We often provide education at events in conjunction with the Orange County Beekeepers' Association.


We have recently provided education and information on honey bees, beekeeping, and or pollination at:

  • Durham Technical Community College

  • Jessup Mill

  • Eno River Farmer's Market

  • Eno River Festival 

  • NC Museum of Life & Science

  • North Carolina State Fair. 

Pollination services


Need more pollination at your farm? Honeybees are dynamic pollinators. 


We offer long-term contracts for fair and reasonable costs and/or barters.


We ask that farmers cover crop with honey plants, such as buckwheat, or otherwise have honey plants available to the bees during the mid-summer when many of the main nectar sources in the piedmont have run dry. 


Pollination is available only where use of pesticides is limited and discussed with the beekeeper in advance in order to protect our honey bees. 

Our resource page, The Bee Yard, has links to more information on bees, beekeeping, & pollination. 

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