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Chris is based in Hillsborough, NC and provides local serivce in the greater Triangle area -  Orange, Durham, Wake, Person, Alamance, Chatham.....


Ready to provide services anywhere in the world. Let's talk travel costs.



Swarmhunter is Chris Richmond.


Best way to contact Chris: 919-932-1335



About Chris


Chris first started thinking about keeping honeybees while brewing mead, back in 1996; honey being the principal ingredient (the other two: water and yeast).


In 2009, a swarm landed on our clothesline. "Now's the time to start learning more about keeping honeybees," he distinctly thought. Chris "macgyvered" a hive for these bees. He quickly found the Orange County Beekeepers Association ( and signed up for their beekeeping class. 


There he learned that swarms could be quite common and that beekeepers were regularly called on to adopt and house these homeless colonies. Sometimes these swarms find accomondations on their own - in someone's house, apartment, workplace, or barn. Relocating a colony from an unwanted accomondation is called a "cut-out". It's kind of like a forced eviction, without any warning for the occupants. If not handled skillfully, the situation can messy quickly. With a background in carpentry, Chris can deduce the best way to gain access to the honeybees without damaging the structure. Then he gently and expertly removes the uninvited honeybees, relocating them to one of his beeyards. 



Chris, and his partner Lucy, also enjoy taking photographs. Unless noted, all of the photos on this site are their own and should be used only with permission. 


Banner photo: Videos: TC Morphis and Mark Andrews. 


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