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Swarmhunter, aka Chris Richmond, combines a passion for beekeeping with a background in carpentry to relocate honeybees from where you don't want them to a hive home of their own. 

Honey bee swarm
honey bee in my wall
Beekeeper Hillsborough, NC
Bees Honeybees Honey Bees
Bee removal Durham or Chapel Hill
Beekeeping, Hillsborough, NC
Honeybee removal Chapel hill beekeep
Bees cherry 2
Bees in my house
beekeeping service
Local raw honey
bee removal Durham
Bee removal, Durham, NC
Pollinator Garden
Check out our photos and videos of honeybee removal in action.
Not sure if they are honeybees? Learn more here.
Other Services Include:

Mushroom sales  // Treework  // Bicycle mechanics

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